Thursday, October 07, 2004:

Truth Hides

Asian Dub Foundation -- Truth Hides
A track in honor of the recent debates, mostly because I'm reading this spotty ponderous text for class but the author recently got interesting when he brought up Karl Popper's "Worlds of Knowledge" theory and implied that people spend their time in deeply ideosyncratic personal worlds, unaware of or unable to perceive "objective" reality. (It sounds sensible enough to me--I've been puzzled enough by peoples' reactions to various things not to question it--and I'd like to think the theory also calls into question what we can know. But that's probably just my agnostic bias, and it's certainly more than I can expect a politician to admit.)

At any rate. Asian Dub Foundation don't want to get into discussions of objective reality or subjective personal worlds. The truth is out there, even if we can't always find it, and they're pissed when people hide it.

I was listening to the Asian Dub Foundation a few years ago when one of my friends asked if I had anything by them that wasn't dub. Um. No, I don't. Sorry. They do tend to focus on dub, though they cut it with rock and ambient and punk and Bengali and dancehall and whatever else they take a mind to. But it works.

The group hails from the U.K. and came about as a result of a project to teach Asian children the basics of music; the group is unabashedly political, anti-racist, and collectivist; they can get a little didactic at times, but I think they're great. (On that note ... tomorrow, a track from The Coup).

Official site (with downloads)
review of the band--their place in, and reaction to, British culture.
[] Behold the puzzlement of distribution systems--no US distribution for this disc.


I was thinking of posting Salif Keita's "Ananaming" tonight, but benn loxo du tàccu beat me to it. All right then. I should have known better; the man did say he was on Mali this week. So go give "Ananaming" a listen; it's very good. And check out everything else he's posted; they've all been winners.

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