Saturday, September 18, 2004:

Cold Cold Ground

Tom Waits -- Cold Cold Ground
I first heard this song in the film Leolo, a surreal and troubling exploration of adolescence and thwarted love. While most of the film quickly faded away, the song stayed with me: haunting yet melodic, compelling and cryptic. It reminds me of what Faulkner might write if he had been a lyricist: enigmatic images, oblique hints at the plot, animosity and menace entwined with poverty and despair. Yet, as with Faulkner, there's a ray of hope--Dilsey's church and David Hidalgo's accordion.

Caveat: this track is off Franks Wild Years which, like Faulkner, like whiskey, may take some getting used to. Tom's an odd character, with odd music. I hate some of his work, love some of the rest, and always give him another chance.
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this is the same reason i litened to the song wierd?

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