Friday, September 10, 2004:

Lars Din: "Self-made and underpaid for my labor"

Lars Din -- Next Dollar After
Lars Din -- Urge
Lars Din is a laid-back, unassuming, cheerfully malcontent folk-rock singer from Gainesville FL. I thought about uploading "War Prayer," his version of Mark Twain's story about the second, unspoken prayer people utter when they pray for the troops, or "Ness City Bank Job (Yer So " a quiet & devastating track about alienation, loss, and the sneaking desperation behind most jobs, but I'm feeling these more right now (probably because they're louder). "Next Dollar After" is about overworking yourself to stay even financially; "Urge" is about wanting to throw in the towel: sell everything and take off.

These are from Lars' recent CD Know Where You Are / Conflict. He used to play by himself, just guitar and a voice; now he has a band. They're good people too.
Order the CD from Lars.


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