Saturday, August 25, 2007: on hiatus indefinitely.
Oh no! Hope everything's ok...

Things are okay, just trying to juggle goals, commitments, and capabilities.

This is a lie, actually. More that I'm depressed and not sure what I'm doing or why.

You were feeling this for a while, weren't you? I remember this going on several months back. How are you doing now?

for awhile? Jesus, yes, since roughly 1985. ^_^

More to the point, I don't have much urge to write right now. I've been working on database stuff, trying to get the interface ajaxy and consistent across browsers. Makes for dull reading, I'm sure.

Is this the cinephiliac Aaron, btw?

wow.. well not that i know of; i'm from june 07 when you were writing that 'what should i write?' thing.

is the database-ajax thing your own thing, or is it running behind the Tuwa's Shanty here on Blogger? cause i didn't think you could get that nitpicky with Blogger.

Ah. Well hello, Aaron.

The database/Ajax thing is my own project. I don't know if Blogger allows an Ajax interface; if they do it probably requires using layouts + a lot of hacks.

I miss your tunes, Tuwa.

Launch a comeback tour with me. We'll sell out the Madison Square in a day.

Hey, tuwa. Sorry to see you've gone. I kept seeing you had posted nothing new (on Peel) and finally came to see what's up. I understand the depression thing--actually, that's not true. I HAVE it, but I don't understand it. Actually as I was writing htis I remembered my therapy appt, which thankfully is TOMORROW at 2, not today. Whew.

We're all in together, well again that's not true--most of them aren't in it at all with us, but SOME of us are in it together, and since getting to know you through your blog site, and knowing how much music we share, and how you can turn me on to new sounds, I miss your postings.

Hope you get things under some semblance of control. I'm trying, too.


I miss you. Be well -- it's the hardest thing to do when you're depressed is to swim up against the spiral downward, but you can do it (I know).

Yours was 'bout my favorite blog and definitely my favorite for the beautiful insight and analysis. You're one of the blogger folks I think it would be fun to meet some day.

Just know there's lots of silent types out here who really appreciated what you put out there.

Kate G.

froddard, pete, brad, Kate, thanks for the kind words.

now come on get a grip..your not in Baghdad and unlike them your doing something positive rather than negative.

you've got a captive audience here...a bit like guantanemo entertain us. Its not for the sake of a ribboned coat and all that..

daz madrigal..yes THE ..

My search for the lyrics to Tipitina tonight. Thank you for that and for the other posts I read. I hope you're back at it soon.

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