Friday, June 29, 2007:

Hum Dum Dinger

Jimmie Davis -- She's a Hum Dum Dinger From Dingersville
What kind of slide does Jimmie Davis use? It's not a knife on electric guitar, aggressive, thick, chunky, distorted. It's not a knife on electric guitar, gruff and impetuous, with a sense of timing all its own, dropping flats and sharps in where it pleases. It's not a dobro, not a lap steel, not a sonic papaya smoothie. It's not medicine bottle on nylon; it doesn't sound like Valium on dreamscape lullaby.

No, it's got a slight bite to it and it's played with finesse. It's a sweet and durable melody, even if the lyrics (like Davis' politics) haven't aged well.
[Available on a number of albums, including The Voice Of The Blues: Bottleneck Guitar Masterpieces and The Roots of Rap.]


Thank you for your outstanding work on Tuwa's Shanty. In appreciation I have nominated you for the MP3 Music Blog of the Year Award at Mega Super Mammoth (at Gravy Bread). The cash prize is a modest $50 and I hope to announce the winner this month. Just thought you should know from the source.
-Evan G

That's kind of you, evan, thanks.

I intended to have a post up today but I've been preoccupied with various ongoing network troubles and it seems unlikely.... Tomorrow.

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