Friday, July 06, 2007:

9Seven for IV 121 -- Before Finish

9Seven for IV 121 -- Before Finish
Receiving a transmission, captain.
[Onscreen: a trio of Japanese travelers in a steampunk spaceship, stars and planets floating distant in the viewport behind them, contextless and serene. They begin to speak. Their words, constellations of sounds, also float: unmoored, drifting, supremely calming. They are not cosmonauts but monogatarinauts.]
--Ensign, decode.
The computer can not understand it fully, captain. ... CRM 114 ... C57D ... 1701 ... Baratu.
[The transmission ends. Captain raises his eyebrows.]
I will attempt to reestablish contact.... No response, sir. Records indicate the transmission arrived from Audiogalaxy.
--I wish to know more, ensign.
I'm sorry, Captain, there is no further information.
--Then let us hear it again.

[Anyone know anything about this band? Please post it in the comments.]

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Couldn't find your e-mail address, so I'm posting this here.

I've tagged you for a meme! Check the 7-7 entry at my blog

D'oh! I've been memeographed!

I'm looking for a tune to wed the response to. ^_^

And DVDPanache tagged me for another one....

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Good God, that was the Iliad and Odyssey of spam.

Are captchas really broken? There was something on slashdot recently about 150k+ new email account creations on one of the big webmail systems. zoinks!

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