Wednesday, February 22, 2006:

Peasant, Thunderegg, Bishop Allen

Peasant -- Sun, Moon, Sing
Here's a song from Peasant, who found me through Said the Gramophone (keep crankin', fellas!) and sent along a link to more of his work. Good points here: the tremulous falsetto, the way the guitar slides and hops and chicka-chickas, the notes on the high end ringing out friendly! unafraid! listen up!, the lulls in the delivery, lines like "Got to keep on movin', movin' along / Life is too short and misery too long" delivered as a sweet singalong. This song is apple pie with a crumbly cranberry/almond crust.
[Peasant's site]

Thunderegg -- You Showed Them to Me
"You Showed Them to Me" is a whimsical whiplash romance and anti-romance, from meet-cute to consummation to meeting the parents to meeting in court to sort out property rights. "Them" in the title is, in each verse: poems, unspecified things formerly beneath a shirt, parents, and children on weekend visitation.

The track is from Open Book, Will Georgantas' collection of every song Thunderegg recorded from 1995 through 2004. Most of it is pop/rock but there are also dips into folk/pop, country, and electronica; over the years "Thunderegg" has gone from Georgantas and a four-track to a full band with backup vocals. I think I like the self-titled the most, but with over 200 tracks to choose from there's plenty of room for differing opinions.
[Thunderegg's site]

Bishop Allen -- Ghosts Are Good Company
Sean has it that Bishop Allen is the best unsigned rock band in the U.S. Some days I think he's right, and other days I think that honor goes to a local band I haven't yet posted (soon, I hope!... still waiting on one final review to come in on that mix CD). But make no mistake about it, Bishop Allen are good: gleeful, catchy, accomplished, with a great sense of melody and composition.

The band's releasing an EP a month this year. February is not yet released, but January made for a great start.
[Bishop Allen's site], with more downloads for yer perusal. Especially recommended: "Little Black Ache" and "Eve of Destruction."

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Peasant has a myspace site, too, in case you haven't been frustrated lately trying to do what a site was intended to help you do. (You'd think a company like Microsoft would have some money free to spend on reliable servers and programmers.... And if you would, you'd apparently be wrong.)

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