Monday, February 20, 2006:

foo in the life

Go Home Productions -- Karma in the Life
DJ BC -- A Day in the Life of a Beastie Boy
Two mashups here:
"Karma in the Life," by Go Home Productions: one part "Karma Police," one part "A Day in the Life," and one part "I Am the Walrus." That man has a much more sophisticated ear than I do: I didn't notice the similar progressions and harmonies but they fit together like hand and glove. I like his production in general--it's sometimes fun, sometimes moody, but almost always a keeper.
[Go Home Productions]

"A Day in the Life of the Beastie Boys" by DJ BC: one part "Groove Holmes," one part "A Day in the Life," bookended with bits of a rooftop concert and the rooster from "Good Morning, Good Morning." Very nice work, though it comes in a bit short. (I'd go for an extended jam on that one.)
[DJ BC's site, currently down; in the meanwhile there's a torrent for Let It Beast]

Mashups on Beatles work has to be helped somewhat by the way they were mixed, with vocals often on one side. Still, though, for this track the vocals start on the right, switch Lennon to the left for "I'd love to turn you on," bring Paul in on the right, then return to Lennon, still on the left.


My Dell computer has been a workhorse (except on the occasions where I've hobbled it) but this is not what I'd like to see them spending their time on. I suppose next they'll be after that farmer. Hi-ho.


From the "it doesn't take a carpenter to know a bad chair" department: some bad parenting: a family finds a $500 camera, gives it to their son, calls the owner and tells her she's not getting it back. I'm confused about the lesson they're trying to teach: "Take advantage of people when you get a chance to"? "Shame is for sissies and wimps"? (via and metafilter)


I've been listening to a lot of Beastie Boys lately, and I'm glad I don't have to pick a favorite CD because, well, I probably couldn't.

I keep meaning to--and, natch, forgetting to--mention the conversations that spring up at Girish' site. Wonderful stuff, really.

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