Monday, August 29, 2005:

Nancy Wilson: Don't Come Running Back To Me

Nancy Wilson -- Don't Come Running Back To Me
This song is two minutes and twelve seconds of gold: strong, piercing, melodic vocals, smart lyrics, clever instrumentation--bass on the right, strings on the left (bowed, sometimes pizzicato), horns on the right, all of it understated and modest, doing just as much as it should and not a bit more. Stone soup. A pop jazz nugget--brilliantly done, perfect in itself.

The lyrics have Wilson telling off her man--or, more probably, her former man--"If she's the one you want, good luck and goodbye / I won't stand in your way; I won't even try." It strikes me as strong, confident, not as salty as some of her work.

I posted Nancy Wilson earlier in the Shanty's run, when I knew even less what I was on about (rambling about politics? blech), though last time it was two tracks that were out of print. Last time it was "Lonely," a soft jazz number, and "The Real Me," a fiery number with a tight sassy delivery. The song was, oddly enough, better than some of the ones that made it onto the greatest-hits comp. I like Nancy Wilson's work, but tend to take it in small doses. She's apparently had hell with some of her relationships.
[] Nancy Wilson: Anthology


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