Sunday, November 19, 2006:

The Roots Canal: Ruth Brown, R.I.P.

Ruth Brown -- 5-10-15 Hours
Ruth Brown died on Friday. I'm sure most people will link to her two biggest hits, "Teardrops From My Eyes" and "(Mama) He Treats Your Daughter Mean," so here's a lesser-known but equally great song. And a rare video from YouTube:

Here's a Ruth Brown anecdote: Apparently, she heard she would be featured in the Ray Charles biopic, Ray, and told Charles she wanted to be played by Halle Berre. "Honey," Ray told her, "I ain't that blind."

(I can't remember where I first heard this. If anyone knows the source, drop me a line.)

Update: Found it! Oh, irony -- it was in the same edition of Saturday's Washington Post whose obituary I linked to above. In a separate appreciation, staff writer Richard Harrington tells the same story (which, he says, Ruth used to tell about herself). We'll miss her.

Here's a great Rhino Records compilation. She also has a few albums available on emusic.
[Rockin' in Rhythm: The Best of Ruth Brown]
I first heard that track on Spread the Good Word, then Tofu Hut posted a very slightly different version. Great track. (And whatever happened to Tofu Hut? Tofu! Tofu, come back!)

I talked on my blog today about seeing her at Ronnie Scott's in London. She was a powerhouse and one of the finest performers I've ever seen. Bless her.

Nice post, phlegmfatale. (Nice name, too.)

Amen, Brother.

5 hours of Ruth Brown would be Heaven.

I love this track.

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