Thursday, November 16, 2006:

The Roots Canal: Golden Age of Raunch, Part IV

Margie Day -- Take Out Your False Teeth, Baby
This song speaks for itself. What else can you say about an R&B song with a chorus that goes:
Take out your false teeth, Daddy
Your Mommy wants to scratch your gums
You're gonna feel good
After I've rubbed 'em some
And who can forget a sexy verse like this:
You sound like Donald Duck
Every time you make a sound
I'm so afraid
They're gonna fall on the ground
'Nuff said.

Bonus track. I don't know, maybe I have an oral fixation tonight. But how can I resist pairing "Take Out Your False Teeth, Baby" with this:
Piano Red -- Your Mouth's Got a Hole in It

[The R&B Years: 1954]
[The R&B Years: 1953]
good rockin'!

The horns on that Piano Red song keep almost-reminding me of another song. Driving me batty trying to think of which. Good track, though.

I like the sound of piano of Piano Red, I like this mix of piano and horns, i think that artist is one of the most representative of New Orleans style.

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