Friday, April 28, 2006:

Spread the Good Word!

the lost skeleton of cadavra
Rev. Tom Frost -- All the Way Home
The good Reverend has a CD out, a ten-track gallop through roots rock and outlaw country. It's the aural equivalent of Leone's Man with No Name, a rock star Man with No Name who plays chunky distorted electric guitar and sings like a cross between Tom Waits and Link Wray, backed with rollicking barhouse piano or funhouse organ.

It's a bold CD--you've guessed this already--bold and gritty and a lot of fun, with some remarkable tracks on it, most of them covers of songs that have been taken apart and rebuilt to get there faster and more dangerously.
[Pick the record up here for $7.]


Two amazing videos I found today:
VD Is for Everybody, which has a rather cheerful tune and montage that, coupled with the lyrical content, is effectively beyond description. (via Neil Gaiman's blog)

And Stop the Madness, an unspeakably bad music video featuring New Edition, Whitney Houston, David Hasselhoff, Nancy Reagan, and Arnold Schwarzenegger encouraging you not to use drugs. Did I mention that it's bad? It's bad. It's the kind of bad that makes you feel guilty for laughing, because you're horribly embarrassed for the director, but you can't help laughing anyway. (via BoingBoing)

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