Friday, September 24, 2004:


Tranquility Bass -- Cantamilla
I've long thought that that "dancing about architecture" quotation was stupid: obviously the person who coined the phrase hasn't paid attention to many buildings. There are hundreds of buildings that deserve a good dance, whether designed by a modern architect or some Mayan fellow who's been dead for 800 years; and writing about music is as appropriate as writing about love, or death, or hope.

Except sometimes it's damned hard.

Which brings me to today. What can I say about this song? Bass, piano, drums, children playing in the background, a woman in the foreground singing in a language I don't recognize; a woman singing in support, also in a language I don't recognize. The structure of the song is nice: natural but not overgrown, with an easy lazing-on-a-Sunday feel to it. The echo on the background voice puts me in mind of a cavern: the piano a soothing wave, the percussion reflecting shimmering light along the ceiling. The song urges me to lie back and float, let the world drift away.

This song is from a soundtrack I bought to a documentary I haven't seen. Synthetic Pleasures--anyone seen it? Recommended?


do you know what the sample is from with that woman singing in this song? i'm trying to find the original!

No, I don't; the liner notes don't say. I'd love to find the original as well.

On another note entirely, it's a pity I was using Haloscan for so long; it's like a Lacuna Inc.; all the old comments were eaten. There may even have been a comment about it but I wouldn't know.

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